Amazing soft landings collection!

I was randomly surfing the web when I found this amazing collection of soft landings.


These aren’t even very good.


They aren’t good landings, a landing should be an arrested descent but these are constant sink, which means for the last few thousand feet you descend at a constant VS, with a positive pitch degree and are between 5-15 feet above the threshold. You should be pointing down to the threshold until 30-40 feet where you should flare to “arrest” your ascent to below 250FPM. The kind of landing in the video would increase the difficulty of a go around and risk hitting runway obstacles.


In the first landing (and probably others) the user missed the 1000 foot markers by far. Honestly, the landings could’ve been better. Just because you have a low VS during a landing doesn’t make it realistic. Although it may be a “smooth” touchdown, the other danger factors involved are higher. When you do a late touchdown like in the first scene, you run the risk of runway overshoot. I wouldn’t model after that person’s landings.


They’re ok, but like others have said;[quote=“Tecnam2TA, post:4, topic:114165”]
Just because you have a low VS during a landing doesn’t make it realistic

Not to mention most of the landings were way off the centerline ;).


That isn’t particularly dangerous, he still landed in the TDZ. You’re never going to hit the 500 markets but hitting before 2000 is fine, 2-3000 is bit on the risky side

A soft landing is the one I always make.

We all know you crash, don’t try and get yourself out of it😂


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