【 Amazing Shots 】Singapore Airlines A333 at WSSS

With the addition of cloud and 3D airport, IF become more and more real. In v21.4, WSSS added 3D Terminal, so this weedend I took these shots. Hope you like them~

Server: Expert Server ; Aircraft: A330-300 ; Livery: Singapore Airlines ;
Airport: Singapore Changi Airport ( WSSS ) ; Shot by: FGS-0540 ( me ) ;

Here we go~

p1: Good morning~ Singapore

p2: Boarding~

p3: wow~ I love 3D airport

p4: ( This B77w made a nice landing )

p5: FGS-0540, start pushback

p6: FGS-0540, enter RWY 20C

p7: V1~ Rotate~

p8: Positive rate~

p9: Contact dep, FGS-0540, Good Day~

— END —

Which is/are your favorite shot/s ?
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  • p2
  • p3
  • p4
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Well most people irl go to 20R since Terminal 2 and 4 are closed but veli nice


Oh? I don’t konw this lol, but thanks~

Yeh T2 and T4 closed due to covid :/
I always like going to T2’s viewing gallery and T4’s carpark to plane spot

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nice pics for wsss,you should take pics in every 3d airport,that will be incredible(^ω^)


Thanks mate~ That’s a good idea !