Amazing scenery in Chile

These photos were shot at today. Use Expert Server and the route is SCTE to SCCI. BTW, L love IF~


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Amazing pictures! Just be sure to maybe have captions next time:)

Sorry, I haven’t write topic at screenshots and videos in a long time. So if I make a mistake, can u help me edit my topic~ or tell me how to make it right, thanks~

There is a template that gives you all the required information before you post your topic. Here is the required information in the template. Next time be sure to fill it in and have the required information. 😉

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Hmm. Frontier in Chile? That doesn’t seem right does it? 🧐

Just kidding! Great pictures mate!

got it~ thanks a lot😉

yeah I know it doesn’t right🤣use frontier just cause I like this paintjob🤣

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