Amazing Project by likeablegeek on GitHub

Bit of a different post to what I would normally put on here, but here goes nevertheless.

Some of you may know I develop in JavaScript and a few other languages for a hobby. A few months ago, I forked this repository on GitHub by @nicolas. It’s basically a JavaScript API for the IF Connect API, but it had a few issues causing it not to work. I forked that repo and fixed the issues to the point where it worked, and my repo can be found here:

Now, a legend going by the name of likeablegeek on GitHub has forked my version and fixed my pet peeves with the system, mainly it being not very developer friendly and only just getting the job done. He’s also gone the extra step further and improved the documentation and made some changes to the ForeFlight side of things to make that a lot better too.

Anyone who has developed in JavaScript or the IF Connect API should definitely take a look. I’m tempted to make a PR and merge it into my version, but I’ll let likeablegeek get the credit for what is an amazing improvement. Check it out:

Likeablegeek, whoever you are, I’m not sure if you’re on here (although I’m guessing you are as this is the only place I post links to my GitHub), please reach out via PM, I’d like to say a thank you, as I will now be using your version in my upcoming IF API projects (shhh I said nothing) as it is so much better than my own.

– Velocity


Hi @KaiM – thanks for flagging my fork of your project on GitHub.

To be fair – you and @nicolas appear to have done all the heavy lifting on this Node module for the Connect API. All credit to you both.

I’ve only made a few small amends to make it behave the way I needed for a project I’m working on. I expect I will be making more additions/amends driven by my project and these will make their way into the GitHub repo.

I’ve only just started playing with the API and this Node module has helped me jump start some of that. As some of my uncertainty about the behaviour of the API becomes clear, I may have more ideas for extending the module to help abstract and simplify use of the API in general purpose projects.

More exciting stuff to come from all sides, I’m sure.


I’ve been doing some more work on my fork of the IFC Node module and had a question.

@KaiM, @nicolas – I can see you included some code to support connecting to ForeFlight Mobile and receiving broadcast data from it.

What is the uptake of ForeFlight in the Infinite Flight community? Is it widely used? What use cases did you envisage for including ForeFlight support in the module?

In my fork of the module – and specifically for the projects where I currently plan to use the module – I don’t see need for the ForeFlight support and plan to drop it from my fork but wanted to get some views before I do that.



I’m not sure, Nicolas made that. I think the idea is that you can get extra data from it, as IF broadcasts ForeFlight messages for use in FF. Not sure though.


hi guys,
I stopped to work on this for a long time, but I’m glad to see you
used the lib and made it evolve !


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