Amazing Plane. Sad Times

Today I was in the Chicago area trying to get shots of the Blue Angels doing a flyover. Since I didn’t get any good shots then I decided to just go to O’hare and hope to find something mildly interesting.

Boy we did not expect what was going to happen next.
I look on flight radar and by pure luck I see a large plane just up north in Wisconsin. I click on it. AND ITS AN ANTONOV 124 HEADING TO O’HARE. (For some reason it didn’t show up on the flight filter on which planes are inbound to o’hare so this was just lucky.) We immediately drive to our spotting location. and just in time to catch the thicc Antonov 124! Enjoy the video.


Great video! Keep them coming!

FYI your thumbnail says “VISTS”

Great video otherwise!

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That so cool! Do you know what it was there for? Probably hospital supplies, but still curious. Nice video!

Thank you I’ll fix that right away!

Sure! No prob!

It was probably delivering masks.

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Lucky catch


Amazing video! That 124 looks beautiful, well done on catching it:)

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Nice catch dude. I also made a quick takeoff video about this in Shannon last year. I rushed to the airport in the early morning to take a few pictures of this plane as I have never encountered one in my life. I was very lucky to know that this aircraft was departing, so I was glad to truly hear the real blast of the Lotarev D-18 engines.

Nice video. If I could ask why is the audio sounding as if it was recorded underwater or something? On the other hand I want to see those beasts again. I also hope you have enjoyed your time at Chicago-O’Hare Int’l Airport.

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Great catch there, @Everything_Matthew, you certainly got a nice video of it!

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Nice. Was tracking this bad boy on FR24! Wish I lived closers so I could’ve seen it in person!

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Thank you! Im finally getting the hang of this tripod.

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