Amazing landing in the B777 @ Moscow

Hey all, I am still on my quest to master the virtual cockpit. So I was on solid and just doing short final > short final etc. I did get one good landing, so I thought i would share with you. As always only minor editing in Adobe Lightroom Mobile

Flight Details
  • No route
  • Boeing 777-200
  • Nordwind

Have a great day :)


the light is amazing

I love the Norwind livery, great photo!

Thank you @Gyan_Gautam1 and @Butter_Boi :)

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where is that?

Moskau || ICAO:UUWW

It’s Moscow

Beautiful it is

Thank you @Yazad :)

Just a quick question: Where is Nordwind Airlines based at?

Did you mean that you did the landings at Moscow not Moskau?

I am not really sure… it is a Russian carrier so somewhere in Russia

Haha, yes… nice catch :)

Nice shot! Love the colors in that livery. The light is nice too!

Thank you @Mr-plane-guy1 :)

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I haven’t flow the Nordwind livery yet but it’s looks so beautiful and I really look forward to flying it when I can!

It is a nice livery @CPT_HILD :)

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