Amazing graphics with the IPad Pro!

Jus got a new iPad Pro(256g) and maxed out all the graphics and res. Alls I can say is it’s Effin AWESOME! I really didn’t think it would make that big a diff, but the difference is substantial. 12.9" of bliss. Especially the water, it’s like you’re actually flying over water, you can see the swells, the effects the wind has on the water. Its like somethin Pixar would produce, it’s that good! Alls I can say to the rest of y’all, is free up as much space as you can and try it, you want regret it. Believe it!✈️
You just made my day…Thank you INFINITE FLIGHT! 🔃


Welcome to the community. Glad you’re enjoying Infinite Flight on your new iPad!

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iPad Air 2 works really well too.


Thx, glad to be here!

Yeah, it does, I just needed a bigger display. Can’t see as good as I use to.

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