Amazing flight from SK to poland

Here’s the picture I took from my flight
🛫Seoul Incheon
🛬Warsaw International
✈️Asiana A350-900
Expert server
👥 @IF_WALLPAPERS @if_ramstein


Hey there! Nice picture but I have bad news 😬 Not trying to be that type of person but you have broken one of the rules for the #screenshots-and-videos category!
• No additional features can be introduced into a shot.
This means you can’t add features that are not in the sim already and by the looks of it you added a small bit of clouds!
If you want to hear more rules of the #screenshots-and-videos category follow the linked topic below!
About the Screenshots and Videos Category - UPDATED

Looking forward to seeing more screenshots from you in the future, peace and happy flying!!


The beautiful a350 I love the picture


Those engines though. Wow they are big, very nice


Oh sorry, I’ll change the screenshot to the plain one

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Amazing picture! I really like the picture! Hope to see more pictures from you I really think they’re great :D

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Thank you bro, I’ll post more on IFC, you can also follow my IG for edited pictures
My IG is if.Riskie

Nice! Flew Tokyo - Warsaw some time ago!

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This is fabulous