Amazing Edit

Hey guys, I just found this guy on Instagram.
His edit skills are just amazing here some pictures: image
You can find many more on his Instagram page, make sure to follow him!
Name: Infinite_flight_realsm


For a while i thought those are real


Wow they are fantastic! Although I don’t like the scratchy ‘old’ type effect very much.


Is this infinite flight or real world?

The images all look unrealistically filtered so perhaps the baseline edit (adding the background) looks great but whatever further changes make it look fake. Also some look grainy and scratchy?

That is really good

Wow he has some amazing editing skills

Wait, those are fake? :)

Those are IF,

This isn’t that amazing

I’m pretty sure those are fake. IF doesn’t have buildings, nor can you get part of the window in the photo.

?😂 He edited them

I don’t no, some of them just look dodgy…

Those windows though!XD

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