Amazing Clouds at KSEA - Cloud Spotting with Some Random Planes

Hello, IFC!

I have some more spotting photos!

I think that by now KSEA is the airport that has been spotted at the most on the IFC
or MUC



Starting with a Special 737! This shot was not edited, the sky really was like that ;)

An United 737 coming way too close to birds… last time i spotted I also saw a UAL 737 nearing a bird strike

im so ugly the birds want to die when they see me

A 757 with the answer to the universe written on the nose

an ANA 787 on short final in the morning mist
did you know that KSEA was not the only airport served by ANA dreamliners?

A beautiful Alaska A321NEO roaring down runway 16L
I spotted this one once @AndrewWu ;)

A Lufthansa A330 buttering on runway 16L!

A Dash-8 Q400 taking off above a long taxi line
haha you thought that was a long taxi line?

How many engines/props can you count? (including the ones that you can’t see but you know they are there)

I hope you liked these pictures as much as I liked this spotting trip!

Please please please smash that li…

actually no

don’t do self promo people

alright see you next time!

Thank You!


Oops sorry wrong category

I fixed it

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LAX is superior.

End of tangent.

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Sorry I don’t speak incorrect

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The other North American destinations served with the ANA Dreamliner are Vancouver and San Jose (maybe sometimes used on other North American destinations, but majorly these three cities)

I like the pictures, especially the ANA, AS “honoring those who serve”, and the LH A333!


Wait why does this pertain


The facial expression of all birds when they hear “bird strike”. Beautiful pictures.


Lol I approve

Only french birds go on strike 😂

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Seems there Is going to be some rain in Seattle (as always)

Great photos!

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Clouds? In Seattle? Whoooah!

Okay but fr, those are some nice pics! Wish we got more Alaska and United though… we only get Skywest at YVR

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I’ll PM Alaska Airlines and ask them to send the 737 to YVR just a sec

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Nice spotting 😍

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lol wish granted


thank you very much!

Tomorrow’s headline

Friend from Seattle Singlehandedly Changes Alaska Airlines Route to an Airbus A747 MAXneo

Typical quality media reporting

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Feature request time

For legal reasons this post is a joke

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