Amazing ATC services just now

I just want to give a shoutout to whoever was controlling ground and tower at KSEA just now. Their name is IFATC-Hazza. I’m not sure of their IFC.

But anyways, he did a great job under all the stress. There were so many planes on the ground. He had to have them cross runways, taxi, and pushback all while maintaining separation. On top of that he was tower as well. Great job!👏🏼

This gives you an idea of how crowded the airport is.


Looks like more great IFATC work congrats to the controller


Yes, ATC has their hands full. Great job to Ground, Tower, etc. to all.

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For some reason when I was coming into land at KPDX approach told me to descend and maintain 3,500 when established on the localiser, when youre actually supposed to be at 2,500. I mean, there was no dangerous terrain below me nor was there any aircraft below me, so I descended to 2,500ft anyway for a safe approach.

Assume you got that from a chart? But always follow ATC instructions no matter what

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Actually no, I got that from Mark Denton.

You should pm the controller directly about that. This comment is off topic and not relevant in anyway to the discussion above.


He’s Darth Sidious. Had to bring some negative energy in to a positive topic.


That’s cool! What server was it on?

The expert server, hence IFATC.

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Please, just PM the controller about it. What did that have to do with this thread?

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I aplogise, I contacted the controller.

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This is @Harry_Cook He is truly an amazing controller.


It doesn’t come up with that when I try to tag him.

I contacted Harry98 😧

Ye got his discord name mixed up with his IFC name 😂

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You don’t have to be at 2500ft. Further outside the cone a higher altitude is fine. If you had a safe approach and there was no issue I’m not understanding the need to spin a positive to a negative, which I see as a trend for you. 3500 is perfectly fine if you’re at or below the glideslope when you intercept the localizer.

Nice work, Harry!


Wrong person, it’s @Harry_Cook 😂

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I cleared several planes in at 3,500. The intercept works the same way just higher. Hope you had good service! 😜


I had excellent service, I would never not have good service considering you’re being told what to do by IFATC, the absolute most professional ATC in the game, apart from Tyler of course.

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