Amazing ATC in Hawaii advanced

Thanks to all ATC active now in Hawai,amazing job guys!!


Was this on playground or advanced?

Why does RAF Cadets always end up being at the same time as an excellent period on the Advanced Server?

We do it deliberately ;-)


Explain: what did I do to deserve this!

We just really don’t like frogs on the advanced server


How much does it cost to change your display name?

Advanced. :)

I heard they don’t like unicorns either.

Thanks guys! When we control big season’s like this, it’s fun for us and we put 110% effort to give the best possible service that you guys have paid for! Thanks guys!


I tried my best as PHNL approach for the last 3 hours.

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Watch out Freddie that’s a death sentence.

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You did amazing,like usually!👍

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