Amazing ATC! | EGBB Approach | atc lewis

Amazing Approach ATC for EGBB! Testers contact this guy, atc lewis, all lower case with the space.


His sequencing…

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Thanks dude I appreciate it!!


It was you? I was Wizz 72.

Yes mate yeah I remember you! it works well when people listen to you hehe ;)


So true! Everyone seemed to be listening, which made the experience even better! Thanks for probably the best ATC experience in my whole IF history!

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@anon66442947 there is something here that needs your recruiting :)

Lewis, DM myself or any other member of the recruiting team if your interests in becoming ADV ATC!

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Lewis your one of the best ATC’s I’ve ever had. @gangstar3man

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Thanks Riley!

He is one of the best on PG, and I hope he can use his skills on advanced if he chooses. I am probably too. Depends.

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