Amazing ATC at Zürich Airport

I’m not usually one to publicly commend or complain about IFATC controllers but I just wanted to take some time to thank @Julius97 for his amazing service and skills handling the excessive traffic at LSZH. Controllers like him are such great role models for new controllers like me. I just wanted to say this because I know that 90 percent of the feedback given to controllers on the IFC is negative. So once again thank you for the great service!


Awesome to hear!

It’s been positive for the past few days!


I see hes doing a great job with the flow! Hes keeping a manageable amount of traffic. Great job Julius!

Yup I really love how proactive he is at giving commands and making sure there are no conflicts. Also his commands are making the traffic follow that serpentine shape which is always one of the most organized ways of vectoring. I am so glad that IFATC has been getting positive feed back in the past few days and it is well deserved

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4 days ago ATC was already in Zurich, why is it now in Zurich?

Because summer is one of the best times to visit the beautiful Alpine city, so why not feature this glorious city. I do understand that it is a little repetitive but Düsseldorf is also featured so you can try flying over there.

It was ATC Choice in Featured Region 4 days ago, and IFATC chose to open Zurich as it was in the region.

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I just disappeared from your radar on short final (MD-11, BLM1014).
No need to activate search and rescue, i didn’t crash.
Only the app did.

But good job there with all the traffic!
I will fly in again later :P

I was wondering what happened to you.

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Okey, Thanks

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Thanks for the kind words guys! It’s been a few months since I last controlled due to finals and I’m super glad to be back


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