Amazing approach work by TRIO!

Just landed in total chaos at KASE (ATC went offline), but while ATC was online, it was amazing. Shoutout to @Trio especially, he had 20-30 aircraft that were all approaching one runway. In addition, there was difficult terrain that surrounds the airport. I am trying to join IFATC, and watching this guy work scares me. It is simply amazing, and I don’t think I could ever reach a skill level that high.

Thanks again to all the amazing controllers!


Trio is one of those special ones, that’s for sure. I’ve been IFATC since October, and I can say with confidence that I’m no where near his skill level. Watched a bit of KASE today, it just shows how skilled our controllers really are, even seeing controllers managing up to 10 aircraft in holds while guiding departures in a way that won’t pull a @JoshFly8.


Sometimes I think we should have an ATC Fan Mail subcategory… need more love on the community. He is a trained IFATC, so I’d say he knows what he’s doing. 😉


Ya I flew there today in the afternoon, the approach was quirky but it did the job fine

That airport really requires team work between the pilots, approach and tower to make it work. Thank you to all the pilots that followed my instructions and followed the hold correctly! Thanks @HiFlyer and @AsternAviation for the kind words, Tower (@Zach_S) definitely deserves a lot of credit too. Definitely one of my favorite sessions ever just because of the pilot cooperation. :)


@Trio would be famous if he posted his ATC sessions on YouTube haha, I would love to learn and watch how he does what he does :)

He actually does👀

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Oh really 🤔

I’ll DM you

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Never doubt your potential, ever! I, too, felt that exact way before joining IFATC. I would watch now veteran controllers like @GHamsz and Joshua (I rather not tag him or else I might get scolded, lol) work their airspace with such beauty and organization and I just stood in awe. A year or two later, and I have reached such high levels I never imagined I could. All thanks first to God, of course, and then amazing people like Gary, Joshua, and definitely Tyler that have helped me reach a point I never thought I would. I hope to see you controlling the skies of the expert server soon! I leave you with this amazing quote from Henry Ford: “ There is no man living who isn’t capable of doing more than he thinks he can do”.


I wonder if I could reach such a high skilled level in ATC.Im sure I could do it.Its just me needing to gain my strength to take my practical again

Can you please DM me as well?

Could you DM me too please @IF_Aviation1.

Yes, I never thought I could ever reach the skill of @Jose_Oscana or the people he’s referring to, there’s still room for improvement to reach their level. It’s definitely possible, you just have to have the determination and patience.


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