Amazing Approach Control @ Canberra!

Here’s a kudos to @art_martinez for some excellent sequencing for all of us during the FnF event! Here’s a screen shot of the excellent sequencing work!!


I haven’t been able to make it onto expert yet (2004 XP away) but this sounds just like him!! Way to go IFATC!

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Like real life traffic ;)

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From what I understand, not everyone is thrilled.

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Plus @Mark_Denton had just arrived when I was taking off, yet another highlight to the evening.

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Thanks for stopping by! That was one intense 4 hour session. This was the climax of it


Good work chief, I was only going to go on for a quick half hour flight but ended up staying on to join in with the queue for Canberra. You did an excellent job and I even managed to not completely foul up my landing despite the wind making life difficult for my Dash-8!

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Wow, can’t wait to move up to advanced. Look at all them great pilots listening to the act. Good job IFATC!

I’m sure that there’s a rational explanation.

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