Amazing approach at TNCM! (Advanced)

I was at TNCM right now and when I zoomed out I saw this amazing approach…

This is why I love Advance! It was beautiful to see and I bet you it was amazing to be part of it!

You can join that line! Because it’s still going!

Well done to whoever is approach (please comment below)


@JeebakR great job! I contacted you on center and you gave immediate vectors and told me which approach to expect. Excellent job!

Sorry had to cut out early.

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Thanks for the appreciation.


Immediate response or quickest response is a must. 👍 Glad u appreciate it. Thanks for flying.

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Jee’s not bad for a rookie , i taught him everything he knows 😜


I would have stayed longer but took too long to get off the ground with @Aviation32 at TFFR. :P

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It took me a good 15-30 minutes to land there because of all that traffic. Great job advanced ATC. 🙂

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Ok tom we get it, you’re good but are you as good as @StikLover2?

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Nice joke 😄😄😄😄. I laughed.


Sometimes it’s hard being number 1. Someone told me it was harder than being #2 but I wouldn’t know…

I find harder the maintaining best forward speed command, is it minimum speed clean?. Yes, I get your joke.

Was you asking what maintain best forward speed meant? I’m a little confused with your wording/English.

I get your joke. I´m asking if best forward speed is minimum speed clean, no flaps, no landing gear.

I try not to give speed commands once an aircraft is on final. Separation should have been maintained beforehand. However, I assume best forward speed is the faster speed that your aircraft can safely fly without causing the pilot concern…flaps or no flaps. Basically do not fly faster than you can Safely land or do not violate the speed limitations.

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The speed that helps in abridging a big gap between two aircrafts/to prevent an imminent collision- is best forward speed. It is best as long as you can slow down for a safe approach.

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