Amazing 10,000 Member Live+ Competition! (CLOSED)

10,000th Member Live+ Competition!

Happy 10,000 members guys! This week we will reach a great milestone for the forum. In just over a year we have grown to be one of Discourse’s leading communities. The moderation team has enjoyed working with everyone and is truly thankful for all the hard work that has been put in by all members.

To celebrate, we have organised a one time only amazing competition for forum members! FDS has kindly agreed to provide free Live+ memberships for 3 lucky winners. First place gets an amazing 1 year of Live+ for free!

The competition is a simple screenshot contest. You can find the rules below. The competition will be judged exclusively by the moderators. We reserve the right to amend winners after the final decision if we find they have broken the rules. I would like to personally thank @Mark_Denton for the photo edit, @matt and @philippe for making this happen, along with @carmalonso for creating the competition page!

You have until 0000Z on Saturday the 18th June to submit your photos!


1st Place = 1 Year of Live+
2nd Place = 6 Months of Live+
3rd Place = 3 Months of Live+

(If you win a prize your free Live+ period will start after your current subscription is ended)


  1. You must be a member of this forum to qualify. If you haven’t already, you can sign up via the top-right corner - it’s free to join and there’s no doubt you’ll find tons of useful threads here!

  2. Photos should be of a group if possible, however this is not essential

  3. No editing of the photos is allowed. Cropping, however is allowed.

  4. Only one photo per submission

  5. Only one submission per person

  6. Any aircraft, livery and location is allowed

Submit your photos here! Good luck!

For our newer members, please find a wealth of information about the forum at the following places: new member information, moderation style, about, FAQs, TOS and privacy.

Incase you missed the submission link before, upload the photos here:

Photo submission link


If anybody wants an extra pilot to make his screenshot look superdooper fancy, you can ask me and we can arrange details on when/what/where/how/and what not.
I am not participating for the prize.

Just PM me.

My (normally) regular flight times on Infinite Flight are between 16:00 ZULU until 19:00 ZULU.


What if we already have live+ will it be added to our existing?


I believe so. I will double check with Matt and if not I will amend the post.

Ok thanks. I heard that if you already have live and you get more it cancels oh the old one.

Yes for sure it will be added or in other words start from the moment your current subscription is ending. FDS won’t refund your existing subscription to replace by the price you win.

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So say I won when my live runs out the free period will start?


NO!! I’ve gotta get my phone back now. I must win this.

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Exactly :)

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When you go to the submission page, it says this is required.

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Thanks Aernout

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Cam is changing that today (:


I’m sending a picture from back in March. Rules don’t say that you can’t use old photos.


May the best competitor win!

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Just to clarify: If I do a screenshot with like 20+ people and we end up placing in first, do all 20+ people get free live+?


No sir, only the one who sent the picture.


Ok, thank you

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This is probably the weirdest question here, but oh well. Are these photos being judged on content quality (angles, good scene composition whatever) or actual quality of photos? I mean obviously a 480x640 image is not the sort of resolution I’m talking about, but would the devs look more highly at a nice, high-res, crisp image as opposed to a slightly lower quality one even if they were of the exact same subject?

The reason I ask is because of the in-built Shield ShadowPlay screen recorder might be useful to go over footage and pick out the best shots - but this would not be full resultion.


What is that airline?

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