Amateur spotting at CPH

Today i was on the wet/icy track as part of getting my driving license and it is next to the airport, so i took some photos with my phone. It’s my first spotting so don’t expect much.



Air Greenland:




Sadly i was driving around when Emirates A380 landed so no pics :/


Great fences, wonder how much the airport spent on them…

Serious note, make sure you focus the airplanes instead of the fence next time.


If runway 22L was used (which it almost the whole day has been) it’s best to get the approach shots of the aircraft on short final ;)

Anyways, I love the A330 Air Greenland livery :)


It was 22R so these planes were taking off

Cold and wind blowing into my face. I didn’t want to stay there too much so i just got some quick pictures.

Oh yea, but 22L is always used for arrivals when 22R is used for departures. Only when the Emirates A380 departs runway 22L would be used for departures, but only the Emirates, every other gets 22R for departures :)

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It kind of looked like that the A380 was back taxiing 22R after it landed. Is there a way to find out?

Copenhagen never uses 22R for arrivals unless when 22L is closed.

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If it was within the past week, use Flightradar24 to rewind time back and check the required flight.

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Yea, FR24 has a very nice playback feature. I also suggest you use that.

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I saw Air Greenland the first time in Ben Stiller’s The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, didn’t know it really exists!


2 tips:

  1. Go to the fence. Don’t be scared of it. I can make out blurry images of the airceaft but I can’t see much else.

  2. Get a longer lens. However, this isn’t possible if you’re using a mobile device. Phones, tablets, etc. are useful for ramp shots were some DSLRs and point-and-shoots might be not of much use (So close) but long shots of aircraft taxiing require an actual camera, unless aircraft taxi exactly adjacent to the fence. That doesn’t seem to be the case here

Use manual focus if your camera thinks the fence is more interesting than the aircraft :-)

Love the Air Greenland!

I wanted to get closer but would fence as those typically not have electricity?

No those fences do not have electricity in them :)

Perfectly understandable, I had the same fear too. Generally, fences have signs on them warning of electricity, “Danger, fence is electrified” or however it is translated in different languages “Peligro”, etc. I would assume that it isn’t electrified but if you want to check. You’ll see extra equipment-insulators, extra padding, that will tip you off.

I’ve never tried this but could throwing water at it work? Might be a great way to win a darwin award but if hhe elctricity doesn’t have a continuous flow of water to pass through, could you make it work?