Amaszonas Uruguay CRJ-200

Amaszonas Uruguay is the former flag carrier of Uruguay.
It was one of the arms of the Amaszonas Group (Amaszonas Bolivia), and operated two Canadair CRJ-200s.
The airline ceased operations fairly recently, on November 2nd 2020, and Uruguay was left again without a national airline.

I would like to see this livery included since it would give us many regional routes in South America from Uruguay (to Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil and Paraguay).


Voted. Would love to see this in game, as a majority of my family is Uruguayan

Also great to see you back


I used to spot their two CRJs when I was able to spot at SABE. One was CX-SDU and the othet one CX-LVA.

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I used to see them over my house! They were certainly striking :)

Cool addition, clearing up a vote .

Many thanks! One more votes gets us closer of having the livery in IF.