Amaszonas Bolivia CRJ-200

Good day Pilots,

Today I am requesting the Amaszonas CRJ-200 (Peru) because the new South America scenery is coming. It would be fun to do flights like:

  • La Paz-Cusco

  • La Paz to Santa Cruz

About the Airline
The Airline was founded 1998 but first commenced operations in 2000.
They were at first only offering charter flights using Cessna 208 Caravans but since 2012 they have only been using CRJ-200s in order to operate sheduled passenger services.
Their Subsidiaries are Amaszonas Uruguay and Paraguay.
The Airline uses El Alto Airport as their hub.

This photo doesn‘t belong to me.
The spotter who owns it:

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I hope you like the request


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Great livery, great request. However, Amazonas Perú doesn’t exist. The one pictured in the request is an Amazonas (Bolivia) CRJ.

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