Am try to Program the button on a T.Flight Hotas X

I bought a Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas X and try to figure out how to program the buttons to what I want. If anyone now how or can help that would be great.

Are you connecting it directly to your phone/ tablet or are you using a 3rd party application such as liveflight connect?

I used to use a HOTAS 4 with my android phone. I use the OTG function to connect the HOTAS USB to phone’s Type C plug in. It worked out fine, I just can’t figured out how to set the throttle, so I can only use my keyboard for throttle and reverse.

If you would like to assign buttons to specific functions:
Settings => Controls => from the top of the screen page tap on Commands => Then assign the function you want to a specific button

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This should help :)


Thanks alot man

No problem :)

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