Am I the Only Person who Hates Southwest?

I don’t know why, but Southwest Airlines gets all this love. I don’t get it. The worst part about them is definitely the service (or lack there of). All they serve during the flight are pretzels and snacks (since they cut out the peanuts recently, which I don’t even like anyways). How could you enjoy the flight when you don’t have any options for food? Other legacy carriers don’t do the best at this either, but they at least have tastier options like Biscoffs. The carriers that do the best at snack options though, are JetBlue and Frontier. Quite a surprise they are budget airlines as well. Anyways, the next horrible part about Southwest is the free-for-all boarding. It’s literally the worst. Now my opinion may be different than yours on this, but I need to know where I’m sitting beforehand, and get the best seat for my liking. On Southwest, you are never guaranteed a seat you like. Finally, the part of Southwest that triggers me the most is the fact that they really aren’t cheap at all. Actually, their fares are quite similar to the legacy carriers. They know this, so they don’t allow their fares to appear on Google Flights and other flight search websites. Anyways, what do y’all think about my unpopular opinion. I’m ready for the fire I’ll get so bring it on.


im really quite the opposite. Love SWA and there products. Never had a bad experience with them


The way I see it when something such as a airline is seen as good there’s typically a bandwagon effect where the good is amplified. When a airline is seen as bad as Ryan air is for example the bad is amplified.


Good theory right there.

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I think SouthWest Airlines is a great airline


Southwest is a good airline. Yet they are too cheap with everything they do. On all there new 737 no movie screens or high speed wifi. There old 737 have terrible wifi and seats are wearing down. I hate their boarding too it’s so unorganized you have to look at everyone pass to find where your sitting. Also there points is not very good.
Yet they do have on time arrivals, great FA and best of all they fly out of OAK.


Personally, I think Southwest is a great airline. There fares are very low and there service is great. You get free cancellations, 2 free bags, and free flight changes. If you look on American, United and Delta, you will find pricey tickets and only one free bag. If you add it all up your fare from is double! Here is a example…

Southwest: LAX to SFO- $60
Delta: LAX to SFO- $100

Seat Selection-
SWA- $0
DLA- $16

SWA 1 bag- $0
DLA 1 bag- $25

You decide to bring another bag

SWA 2 bag- $0
DLA 2 bag $35

Meal on flight

SWA $0
DLA $10


SWA $60
DLA $176

And what happens if you miss your flight?

You could be spending up to $300 on a simple hour flight!


I think the reason for American loving SouthWest is because they aren’t used to high quality service. They use planes as a Point A to Point B thing. So Southwest is not something bad because everything in the US, like taxes need to be cheap. But they should also get lots for cheap, so southwest offers them a method to travel for cheap.


Lol, its actually funny to me that the BEST low cost airline in the US in terms of pricing in my opinion. Just look at it this way, the ticket is basically all that you pay for…everything else…free

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I fly Southwest frequently and quite enjoy it. On almost every flight, I’ll buy some food in the airport to bring on the plane (sandwich, breakfast sandwich, etc.) since meal service is not offered. Furthermore, I think their boarding process is quite simple. You take a look at your number and letter and go stand by the poll with the corresponding number. If someone is standing next to where you’re supposed to be, you simply say (with a smile) “Hi! What number are you?”, then you either stand behind or in front of them.

As I like to think, for boarding groups:
A = Anywhere
B = Back
C = Center

Plan ahead, check in 24 hours before the flight, and you’ll be just fine. And you can’t beat free luggage!


I always get early bird check in. Definitely helps

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SWA is amazing! i flew from FLL-SJU in total spending about $140 which is for three people and is super comfortable has amazing flight attendants, always on time, and lastly this isnt even near the prices for other airlines such as American in total charging $1,450 for a Economy Class for three people to San Juan!

I like the boarding process, everyone lines up neatly unlike other carriers, also SWA flies EVERYWHERE! You also get a free checked bag!

I would fly Southwest more if they didnt have such tiny seats for my 6’6" self with bad knees. The boarding process is ok but I would prefer to know where I am sitting. Sort of a control/ocd thing I have with traveling.

You have to understand that Southwest started out like Spirit. Small airline without bells and whistles. People who flew Southwest just wanted to get somewhere without all the overhead. Flying one type of plane helps keep costs down. I used to be able to get a round trip ticket for under 200 dollars.

Fast forward to the late 2000’s when fuel costs went crazy and Southwest did ok by pre-buying fuel but then that ran out and they had to renegotiate. 150 dollar fares were now 300+. When the Wright amendment expired at Dallas Love Field I think that really helped their business.

Sidebar : Congressman Wright was worried that Southwest was going to take money away from DFW so Southwest could not fly non-stop out of love field. The flight had to stop in one of the four bordering states of Texas. This expired in October of 2014.

I think people just want to complain about something. There’s a group that likes southwest so of course there has to be a group that hates it. They are no different from other airlines as they get you from point a to b. All airlines have delays/weather/maintenance. Every airline has perks like luggage, food, etc so it is up to the consumer to choose. Southwest employees do tend to love their job more and have fun.


I totally understand where southwest is coming from for their boarding system. It encourages people to show up on time so their flights as a result also leaves on time.

Their fare is similar to legacy careers because they also are trying to cost cut in order to price match

Southwest is a balence between efficiency and comfort. They’re doing a decent job of that in my opinion

I can understand why you hate swa ive only flown on em once but I got good service

I was flying from Houston to St. Louis a few weeks ago and I had the choice of flying United out of Intercontinental airport, or Southwest out of Hobby airport. (Both were equidistant from my house). United offered the flight for $170, and Southwest offered it for $280. Obviously, I went with United. Later I got an upgrade to first class for that flight for $80, so all in all, I got a first class ticket on United for cheaper than the Southwest fare. This is why I don’t care for Southwest- the pricing is the same or more expensive than Delta, United, or American


The first come first serve boarding is actually much faster and allows you to get the seat you want. I have never had bad service with SWA

Before anyone reading this tries to list ‘everything wrong’ with my answer, know that this is my opinion.

I don’t hate Southwest, I just think they are pretty overrated. I can say that the fares Southwest has gives them a point, but in general, I think there are other airlines that have a better product to show than Southwest does. Not being able to choose your seat does result in faster boarding, but this means you may not get the seat you want. You could have booked your flight months in advance, but end up getting a terrible seat, or, have booked the flight the night before and gotten a good seat, all determined by the time you check in. Again, this is just my opinion. In flight, the service is paltry. A small bag of pretzels, cookies, peanuts, etc, and a drink, with no option to buy a meal if you so choose. Entertainment gives you no free WiFi, and free T.V. only if you have a device, with no sockets to charge your devices under your seat (at least on the aircraft I’ve flown on). This brings me to the next point: their product is so varying in what you get. You might fly on a remodeled/new aircraft with nice seats and a cool interior, or an old aircraft from 2001 with an old interior and worn leather seats. Both modern and old seats have terrible legroom. (At least when I’m 6ft. 3’)

Overall, I would fly on Southwest before say, Frontier and Spirit, but it would not definitely not be my first choice when flying, unless I’m on a low budget.


I’ve always avoided flying them for the sole reason that I like having a reserved seat.