Am i the only one who lands in third person

I see many people on yt always flying manually and buttering landings in cockpit or hud/ but none of them in normal third person/ am i the only one who finds flying normal third person better?


Everyone has their preference or view of choice. I’m sure there are many others that do the same thing though landing in outside camera views.


i’m personally using cockpit only

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I have literally never landed in anything besides the HUD or Cockpit, lol.


For the first week of me playing, I landed with the outside view. I did not have global. After that first week, it seems that I have never landed in any view except for cockpit or HUD view.

I land in cockpit view with the hud on.

never heard of anyone landing on the outside view though, interesting!

I used to be a third-person only guy. As of recent, I’ve been slowly transitioning into No HUD and live cockpit. It’s pretty fun seeing how you landed in the replay :^)

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Yes, yes you are

If I do, I’m either practicing or I fly in the cockpit until just before touchdown. Prior to that (on final), I set up a good camera view to see what’s going on and be able to correct for crosswinds.

Mostly though, I’m a cockpit guy.


I find it really hard to fly third person but impossible to taxi first person.


I would have to practice 40 hours a day to get that stuff right. As for me, I’ve always liked the satisfaction of seeing a kisser of a landing, so I mostly use the hud. But you’re not the only one. I know one who flies a good F-16 Demo using third person.

When I rarely do fly IF I’m in third-person view only. Mostly because the live instruments are too small to even see on my phone and the angles are actually slightly off from the cockpit view. Even with my desktop sim I sometimes use third-person when landing.

I fly via wing veiw

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I normally land/takeoff in first person or cockpit or HUD to get easy and quick access to all the necessary information depending on which phase of flight I’m in. But when I look at replays I am usually in the “Normal” view.

Definitely, yes. Much harder to land in anything other then the HUD or cockpit.

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I usually switch from HUD or cockpit just before touch down. Then I switch to landing gear or bottom view so I can stay on the centerline and land in the touchdown zone.

I dont think i’ve ever flown any part of a flight in third person, only in replay

I use HUD view to land but one of my friends uses bottom🤦‍♂️

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I use HUD to butter the aircraft for my YouTube Videos haha :)

Yes yes you are