Am I the only iPad Pro user with issues lately?

Hello all, I am a grade 5 IF junkie with an ipad pro. The issues im having lately for about a week now is only with the ipad. I can login, connect, see the servers and all the people on the servers, but when i try and join say southern california I get a yellow then red connection icon with obviously no connection. It’s only on the ipad pro however. I can pull out my iPhone 6 and login connect and join with full connectivity a green connection icon and everything working normally. Somewhat strange is the fact that its clear IF has been exp problems with the last update, yet nowhere on the support forums is anyone squawking a problem like mine. It was down for a few days then was back working and now its down again as of this morning. Any one else having this issue? Pls help

Ipad pro 9.7 inch running ios 10.0.2

Same problem although my ipad pro has been behaving recently

Hmm. I’ve never had this issue before. Try restarting your device, deleting/re-installing the app, etc.

Multiple restarts and a full reinstall and still no luck. Its so weird cause i can see the servers and all the other players like normal in the server selection, yet any server flight area i join i get the yellow then red connection status icon on the top right of the scree. And like i said the iPhone 6 is working fine. It has been up and down but unfortunately down again now.

Dude did you do anything or it just started working again right? That happened to me but now im down again.

After a while it just stopped although restarting your device may help

iPad Pro 9.7 LTE iOS 10.0.2

Not a single issue here.

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