Am i seeing things?

Im pretty sure im not drunk or anything…


Yes, I am definitely a ghost.


Phil is IFC famous! @Aviationluver

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Are you in that secret plane that nobody else has access too Phil 😂😉

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He’s testing a new aircraft called crg or something…

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CRJ is already released in game

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Probably the A350 😂 #Triggered

But in all seriousness it happens sometimes, no special aircraft!

Its not just phil

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Lol where all legends

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Then that just mean that the picture isn’t updated yet…

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Haha, that’s great 😂

I think live flight must get a update I think the CRJ 700 isnt in liveflight

There’s a good chance you’re not drunk :)

This picture is displayed on LiveFlight as an image for that certain aircraft has not yet been implemented.

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Those are just people flying the CRJ-700. LiveFlight hasn’t been updated yet, so until then it will display that. :)

Yup, was flying the CRJ over to Aspen. Just wait until Cam uploads the proper info for the CRJ700 on LiveFlight, for now it will display that.