Am I safe to do short hauls?

Quick question, so we all know the Crash and the lag and crash and lag…
Do you think I can do short hauls with out the game crashing? (0-3 hours)

maybe you can do that with your graphics low and airplane count to low (or restrart your device)


It’s dependent really. Just take as many steps as possible (such as reducing brightness, IF LPM, etc.) to minimize the risk of crashing.

You’ll soon find out! It may crash one flight, but not the next, who knows. :)

Unless if the flight is for a VA, I would suggest you fly short hauls. If lag and crashing seems to be the issue, try to fly where there aren’t a lot of people. Europe, West and East coast of US are always packed. Try South Africa or South America. Much less traffic and less stress on your device too! :D


Ok thank you!

I never had the crash issue on sub 5 hour flights, only long haul.

Flown for 8.5 hours yesterday, absolutely no problem even when the servers were suffering

I made four short haul trips over the last days and all went fine apart from some server connection issues (which weren’t really affecting my flight itself) on the first day.

I think you should be fine.

In spite of the IPad I’m using currently IOS 12.4.7 which is the up to date version of IOS for most iPads and iPhones I’m still experiencing app crashes… Just now I tried to complete a Short haul between Kigali and Nairobi which normally takes about 1hr 20mins and the app crashed when I was approximately 170nm from my destination.

I’ve tried all the tips to avoid crashes yet it still crashes, hopefully the hot fix update for 20.1 comes as soon as possible

Are you on iOS or android? Android is working fine for me. (My 2GB ram device is crashing, but I’ve not flown with it for ages so that was kinda expected lol)

I’m trying to do flights for my VA and the game crashes, that should be fixed but it’s not. I really recommend you to use graphics, brightness and volume low as more you can

This is interesting. I currently have my Anti-Aliasing feature on, and my airplane count is on ‘very high’ yet I have never experienced these issues…Maybe this is a device thing, I’m not exactly sure.

You are safe to do short hauls, but saying that I wouldn’t advise it as I attempted a flight from Kigali to Nairobi and the app crashed.

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