Am I reverse thrust member?

Hello, I’m in the IF community forum for years. I wasn’t superbly active member but at the same time i wasn’t so passive member. But still, i can’t vote more than 10 times for features. What should i do, shall i write in the each topics? Should i like all entries? Must i open new topics like these? 😀 And yes, am i reverse thrust member?


Every T2 member is restricted to just 10 votes, so that is absolutely normal ;))

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What a reverse thrust member is, I have no clue. You only get a limited number of votes, so use them on your favourite feature requests.


How can i become T3?

When moderators decide you are fit to be one. TL3 is for users marked with “regular” as they come with light moderative controls. :)


Oh ok thanks, actuallly im not fitted for having some controls. It seems i am a real reverse thrust member. 😃

There is no such thing as a “reverse thrust member” tho 😅

What you probably mean is your trust level dropping due to inactivity, but I’m not too sure whether that also happens on the IFC.

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Oh ok thanks man😄 yeah title of topic includes a little joke.

Aha, understood 😆

Sure, here to help :)

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