Am I regular?

Hey guys,
There is a weird thing is going on, Am I regular? I can’t get access to lounge neither recategorize/rename title, but I still have Regular beside my name in addition to the badge I have which says that I am still regular, but the important thing, if I am demoted, why, I did not get any flag since long time and I participate, well not that much.
Thank you guys.


yeah it says your a regular

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Unfortunately, you are now a member according to your profile. Discourse just takes a while to update the regular title under your name - it should remove itself soon.


No you’re not you’re a TL2, you were demoted but the title stayed, don’t worry a mod will remove it.

Participate as much as you can, read a lot of topics, and be constructive, and you’ll be (perhaps) promoted ;-)

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I had the same “issue” a while ago, it says you’re a Regular but you’re not a Regular anymore

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But in badges it says that I am regular