Am I prepared for IFATC written test?

I read the ATC manual I took the practice test and I do ATC Tracking Threads everyday is this enough to be ready for the written test?

Only time will tell! :)

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Have you watched the YouTube videos produced by infinite flight?

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I can’t find them.

Have you taken the IFATC Practice Written Test?

Watched the ATC Tutorials?

Read The ATC User Guide?

All of us are here to help you throughout the process! Study up and let us know the results afterwards! You got this dude!


Any of the ATC videos will help quite a bit to see things more visually than just looking at words. I wish you luck, you can do it. Believe in yourself!

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I passed!


Practice test I passed on.

All I can say is good luck, I’m in the same position as you are!

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Take the test whenever you feel ready! Take your time, and read carefully. Don’t be like me, I didn’t pass because I didn’t read very carefully.

I recommend you to draw the situations, this will help you a lot.

Great job on the practice! The practice test is more easy than the real one, but it’s very similar.

I wish you the best of luck! 😄

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I got one wrong and it was taxi operation ‘’Southwest 3400 has requested pushback as a taxing CRJ approaches behind and to their left. What is the most appropriate response.

A)Hold Position

B) Give way to aircraft to your left. Pushback approved (My answer)

C)Both A and B (Correct answer)

D) None of the above.

only take the written test when you can non stop get the practice test 100%
Believe me, from experience

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This is the most important part, if you can visualise in your head it’s even better (saves time). Just try to be in the situation.
Good luck :)


Would you say in infinite flight both A and B?

Or is it wrong?

I would use hold position more because i think some pilots can get confused, but both are correct.

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You can give both, but I recommend you to give pushback clearance in such situations because often you can forget about them

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So you would say give way to aircraft on your left and pushback approved and hold position?

The pilot is at fault there, so don’t worry about it, pushback is a better option


First give them “give way command” then clear them for pushback. No hold position required if you give them a clearance and give way command

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