Am I in the Wrong?

I knew it was going to come soon or later.

I followed the “New Rules" about aircraft below FL400 cant go over 550 it but I was above FL400 so I think I’m not wrong at any point.
Although many people say this is very unrealistic flying,I played by the rules.As stated in Mark’s post,it says; Here are the speed limitations going forward:

  • Any airliner or fighter flying below FL400 is NOT to exceed 550 kts GS (Ground Speed)
  • Fighters can fly at any speed ABOVE FL400.

Let me check this out. You should be just fine! :)


What aircraft are you flying? How long did it take you to get to FL400? (These are just questions, I’m not trying to solve it for you. Tyler is on it)

Let Tyler solve it buddy. 👍

What’s your callsign?

I was flying the B 748.
It took me about 8-11 minutes to get to FL400.
I took off from KNUC.

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My call sign is BBJ2

Eh hem…

Yes,I know

Your ghost has been reversed. Please ensure you’re not exceeding that limit even in the climb. Even in the 747-8, that’s entirely too fast, but keep it at or above FL400 and you’ll be fine. Thanks!