Am I hurting my Ipad?

So every day I love doing long hauls before-after school and lately, my iPad has kinda been getting hot and I am getting concerned that my battery might explode, I have an iPad Mini 2020. Will I be okay?

To be safe I always turn all graphics to the minimum, turn brightness and volume all the way down, have my fan on medium, and have my Ipad on a nice cozy and comfortable pillow with a thin blanket on top of it.

Anything else I should do?

What I’m asking is, will my iPad explode and am I hurting it by doing long hauls every day?

It’s definitely not going to have a positive impact on your battery performance in the long run. And no, it’s not going to explode.

Additionally, I would also turn the HUD off and turn it to nighttime and point the camera at the sky or zoom in on something in the cockpit, like the seat. That way less things are rendered.


Okay thanks @Altaria55.

Also enabling IF’s automatic low power so it only does 10FPS vs 30FPS or 60FPS also helps it do less while you’re cruising


No mate you will be fine it’s just that it is a overheating because of the game

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Oh okay so it won’t explode randomly which is exactly what I’m concerned about, it’s just hot because of the game?

Yes that is what my phone does but just in case do not sleep bye it

If it’s in a protection case, you could take it out to give it a better chance of staying cool. Turn down your graphics settings when it’s becoming too hot. Maybe put it on a little stand or something when autopilot is om so the back of your ipad gets some airflow as well.

It’s impossible for your ipad to explode but it might temporarily turn down the brightness to avoid overheating.

You may be confusing that with what a number of us out there call a “spicy pillow”, where the battery puffs/swells up. more info on the “spicy pillow” here

And no it won’t just explode randomly one day, well at least not without showing some signs first (like the screen getting pushed off the main body of the device), so I wouldn’t worry about a random explosion, it’s unlikely to happen, but definitely good on you for trying to keep your device safe!

As a side note, if your iPad became too warm it’d put itself in a sort of time out and display a temperature warning until it goes back down to more reasonable levels.


Okay thanks so much! I am about to pushback now, but I have my fan on medium which makes the room pretty cold, all the graphics are on low, I also have low power mode on, and a thin blanket over my iPad, is that good enough?

One of the simplest and most effective things I do is to restart my device before I do a flight. Somehow this helps preventing my device overheating in 99% of my flights.


I do that too! All the time, just so my app dousnt crash but I didn’t know it prevents it from overheating, thanks!

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Your iPad will not explode. It may temporarily shutdown to let it cool down, but its basically impossible for the device to explode.


Thanks @Riley2022!

I got home a little while ago and come to see that my iPad is not even hot at all and is in very good condition, I am so happy rn, thank you so much for the tips everyone! @moderators, please close this and have a great rest of your day everybody!

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I flagged it for closure :)

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