Am i doing something wrong?

At EDDF when i program my approach it always ends the FPL at TAI VOR which is away from the airport. Is this realistic and supposed to happen. Ive tried various different STARS and Approaches and they all end me at this TAI VOR?

From what I’ve noticed, STARs only take you to a certain point, then you use an approach path to complete the flight plan. Sometimes the approach also includes a few waypoints after the Airport Icon waypoint acting as go-around waypoints.

well thats what i though but in my case they are all ending me at this VOR both approaches and STARs

The approach probably includes an initiative for go-arounds. Just set the final approach waypoints manually.

then it messes up the Inputted STAR or Approach

and ATC cant see it

Most STARS will end early. If you look at the STAR chart most will say “Expect vectors to final”. In IF you can add the STAR and then add the approach which is the final. It should link the two together.

You may want to share some pictures of what you are seeing on your plan to help everyone help you.

What is the TL?

Judging by my flight planning as I just took off for EDDF - it appears what you are referencing to is the Go-Around procedure and way points.

I believe this was supposed to be removed? But i’m not sure.

im not sure. i just find it confusing how my final waypoint is away from the airport to a VOR for a approach and not the airport

So in review of your flight plan, does your arrival bring you into the airport via the arrival star, and then approach bring you to the airport, and then out again to the VOR?

the arrival brings me to a fix halfway down the ILS cone and at after this fix it takes me back away to the initial approach VOR making a triangle on the flight plan which ends at the VOR where i started the approach. Ill send some pics once i land at EDDF. Nearly down.

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I’m approaching from your west and can see your FPL - it looks like what we are referencing to is correct, it is the go-around fix for the airport. You have the arrival in there, and then the approach, but for EDDF the approach is a “vectors to final” approach, which means that typically radar services would guide you in off of your arrival. IF doesn’t read this very well and that is the reason it looks pretty janky.

yeah. the fpl gave me a crazy triangle so i went manual

Yeah I think what you’re describing is the missed approach procedure.
For some approaches in IF, those get loaded up too.
That’s why you should always fly an ILS either by hand, or using APPR. Turn off LNAV as soon as you’re established (and calibrated!) on the localizer/glideslope.

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