Am I doing something wrong?

When I’m with the Boeing 777-300ER I always put fuel for 13 hours after I’m off to 34,000 feet, the fuel is left for only 4 hours.

Could it be that I’m doing something wrong?

or this can be a bug in the game

No. But you have greater fuel flow during climb than cruise. It’s changing depending on how high the thrust is, winds and so on.

It calculates how much fuel in time you have left based on current consumption.


What weight are you taking off at? Having 13 hours of block fuel but only having 4 hours left upon reaching cruise seems abnormal. This may be a case of climbing too high initially (beginning cruise at ~FL310 is more realistic for ultra long hauls) with an excessive amount of weight.


I do the take off with the heavy weight option

You go straight to 34,000 ft?
If you do, then that’s probably your problem. You should be step climbing when you’re that heavy.
The estimated flight time based on fuel in the weight settings is also very rough and isn’t too accurate. It doesn’t take wind or weight into account, as far as I know. I would recommend Simbrief to calculate your fuel.

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What is the ideal vs climb rate for heavy aircraft?

That’s a difficult question. Weight, altitude, speed, wind, etc. Bottom line is that the heavier you are the lower your VS needs to be as you get higher. If you are in a heavy and try to go from 30,000 to 38,000 at 2500VS you may actually stall out. 2500 may be fine lower.

This is why we advise not leaving your device unattended until you reach cruising altitude to ensure there are no surprises.


Ok I was referring to climb rate till 10,000 feet due to speed restrictions and the climb rate to cruising altitude?

No. Cruising altitude is where you level off.
And, it does depend on your weight and speed. In a heavy, 1500 VS is probably your best bet. Maybe 2,000.
And, you shouldn’t go straight to your cruising altitude. You should step-climb.

Please do not list that site as a proper fuel planning site. It has been proven countless times to be inaccurate, with figures from before the B787 came out. If you use that website your fuel amount is going to be wrong.

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@ILLALEJO can you tell us what your Mach speed is, your climb profile (how fast you were climbing) and general weight of the aircraft?

To me it sounds like you are travelling to fast at cruise (above M84) or you are climbing to fast where the aircraft doesnt get up to the speed you set in AP and thus is using full thrust to get up to that speed at which point you reach an altitude where is while not reach that speed and remain on 100% thrust the entire time trying to get there.

Finally, as your aircraft loses more fuel the fuel flow will decrease. Leaving you with more time on you fuel amount.

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Never trust fuel readings always put fuel to Max level

Yea, Simbrief is much better. I’m pretty sure that it’s still better than the Infinite Flight estimates though.

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You should not do that…
Use Simbrief. It gives you a fairly accurate fuel reading.
Putting your fuel on max would make you extremely heavy. Especially when you don’t need it.

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No way, check the actual route on FR24, or just put the destination and departure airport and add about 3 hours onto the time that they gave. Except for certain planes.

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