Am I alone here?

So, yesterday I flew on TS with live ATC for the first time, 757 into San Diego, R27 approach. Now I’ve been staying on casual server since I started playing to practice and improve, and yesterday I felt I was ready to go up a level. So, everything is going super smooth, I’m cleared for landing and properly configured on final when suddenly I get super nervous. I mean my hands were literally shaking and sweating so bad I botched the approach so badly I had to go around and try again. I got down safely In the end, but even the 2nd attempt was still nerve racking. What happened here? Has anyone else experienced this?

Thank You.


Naturally you’ll feel a but nervous moving up to a higher grade and level of professionalism.

The Training Server has nothing for you to worry about as everything such as other players and ATC are publicly available and is designed for users to learn how to be a better pilot, use ATC, and control etc…

The Expert Server is where all your practise on the TS is out to use! You’ll very quickly get comfortable with each server as you progress.


You are probably nervous since it’s your first time landing in front of other players. Even TS is a place where players try to be serious, however not to the same extent as ES. It’s training after all. Be happy that you are nervous, it means that you are a serious player who tries to learn to be better. These are the ones who are the most fun to play on ES with as well. Those who casually joke around and not consider other players are not so much fun.
Don’t worry though, probably each player on the ES have been where you are now. It gets better with training and experience.


I totally relate! I get really nervous when on final approach in the Expert Server, especially when there’s ATC and other players around.

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It was so bad I had to stop my plane before parking to dry the palms of my hands lol

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I was never this scared when I moved up a level but you getting nervous is a sign that you want to improve. If you’re worried about getting a violation, training server ATC controllers can’t issue violations, only trained ATC controllers in the expert server can. You can only get violations from the system, for example if you exceed 260kts below 10,000ft or taxi at speeds above 35kts. Anyways, keep practising your approaches in solo mode, you’ll feel more comfortable flying online and you’ll automatically butter your landings when you fly with others in multiplayer😉

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This has happened to me as i didnt want to disappoint anyone who is a proffesional. i found that on approach like when your just entering the cone ,a few deep breaths calms me down and i do a nice landing


Nothing to worry about. It sounds just like my first time on Expert Server. My experience is that the nervousness will drop with every flight and you’ll get comfortable flying on ES very fast. Good luck and most of all enjoy!


Thank you all for your feedback.


Hi it is perfectly normal that you felt that way. I did feel the same way when I entered ES the first time…a new world… Just keep practicing, observe, learn, keep asking questions and sooner you will be a pro… And probably an awesome ATC controller in future🎉👏 Congratulations and welcome to ES.

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Do you mean TS?

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He isn’t in ES yet. He said he just started flying on TS

Good catch folks…, I would add keep doing your TS laps and once you are Grade 3 and confident, come to ES.

It’s perfectly normal to get excited when you land on a higher grade server, fun fact, I actually got ghosted/reported within first 30 seconds on ES. On TS there really isn’t anything to worry about unless you’re causing a bad experience for other players.

On ES though, if you screw up, you’re off the server for a week.

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I’ve been there, somehow… the first time someone talked to me in game!!! 😉
I got used to it quickly though. Relax breathe deeply and you will be fine!

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It’s perfectly normal. Try VATSIM if you think this is scary … you’re actually talking to someone doing the ATC.

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its just a game man

As it’s been said above - it’s just a game, don’t take it that seriously :) First flights can be stressful but remeber that practice makes perfect

Watch videos including the ATC ones, even if you have zero interest in ATC. It will help you to get to know how it operates, you’ll feel comfortable with it after a short while.

You definitely are not alone. I didn’t have the nerves as bad as you did but everyone has them when they are first starting out.