Am I allowed to 'sign off'

So after every post I make, I would put a quote or saying etc- I’ve seen it done before, but I was wondering because in the rules it says no signing off with your name,

Many thanks

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Doesn’t it say like “you are not allowed to sign your posts”?


That’s the one, but Boeing707 does that

Long live the DC-9

and Maxmustang does the

Max Sends.

I was just wondering

I find it quite repetitive and annoying, to be honest. I’m okay with it in main topics, but not in comments.

I am not sure about Max, I kind of like his style, he is an old guy here so I guess that’s no worries, he doesn’t make a new row for it, he justs ends the sentence with it, so I don’t think it’s any worries tbh.

@Boeing707 doesn’t sign his posts anymore, do you?

There’s no need to do this, everyone that has done it, doesn’t anymore. All your information should be in your profile so this is just repetitive.


Philippe shot down both of my signatures.

Best, Boeing707


I thinking signing off should only happen when you make an event or a post, not when you reply to every single comment.

My opinion