Am I allowed to send an IFATC application if I'm almost 14?

Hey guys! Just wondering, I turn 14 in July, and I would like to send in my IFATC application now so that when I get approved, or when all of my tests are done, I won’t have to wait until I’m 14 then wait 3 months to do my tests and training. Can I do that? Or should I DM a recruiter first and make sure that their okay with it first.

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Unfortunately, you will need to be 14 at the time that you apply. Otherwise, the application will not be approved.

July is almost here though. We look forward to seeing you on the team


Perhaps you can study some training material in the meantime so you are prepared for your birthday. :)

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Oh, ok. I shall send in an application when I’m 14 then.

I shall read the Holy Bible in the meantime.


It is actually the Book of R.A.H. made by the God Rah.


Nice one, Cole 😂