Am I Allowed To Request An Airplane?

Hi everyone I was thinking if I’m allowed to request any airplanes
Like kind of in a vote is that allowed or not I don’t won’t to break
any rules thank you

You can make requests for new features in the Features category.

Check to see if the feature has already been requested before making a new thread. If there in an existing request, use the vote function to show your support.

More info about Features can be found here:


Will I be able to make a vote for a specific livery?

Just make sure that the request is already there in which case you could drop your vote for it

Yes, you can request a livery on an airplane

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Ok how can I do that like kind of in a vote

There is search option on the top right. It’s a magnifying glass. Search for a feature you want. If you see that thread, enter it and then you could vote in the top left

If you can’t find your search, create a new thread with the feature you want. Remember, only 1 photo per request and explain why your request should be added to the game.

Make sure to categorize your feature request in the #features category like how you did when you made this thread in the #meta category


Thank you very much

Hey there, Armani. 👋

I’ve noticed you’ve made quite a few topics regarding questions with the IFC.
The topic below will hopefully resolve all of your future questions. :)

Here is a topic that refers to all questions you may have with the Infinite Flight Community. 👇

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Thank you 👍🏽

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