Am I allowed to open an ATC Tracking Thread for Radar Control?

First of all, sorry if I put this in the wrong category ^

I was wondering, since I’m training to be an approach controller, if I could open an ATC Tracking Thread for Approach/Departure instead of Tower and Ground.



Yes you probably can. There’s nothing I see wrong with it. You would probably format it so it says radar tracking thread instead of ATC tracking thread, but I’m not too sure


Right so, thank you :)

Please confirm with your trainer before doing so :)


I’m an IFATC specialist.

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11.5.3 and 11.5.4 of the Public ATC Manual dictates:

“Controlling on the Training Server is only authorised for controllers that have met the requirements for upgrade to the rank of Officer (see 2.4.1 above), and have STARTED their Radar Training with a Trainer.
11.5.4 Whilst under Training, IFATC Controllers may wish to seek fellow controllers to fly radar patterns on the IFATC Server for extra practice if the Trainer is not available. Provided the IFATC Controller has the Trainer’s permission, the use of ‘Training Time’ in #discussions is authorised to try and find controllers that are free.”

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Yes my Trainer and my Recruiter are ok with me opening approach on TS.

Thank you!! 🙂

Great, just make sure they’re ok with you making a whole tracking thread though 👍🏻

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