Am I allowed to make loading screens?

So I was flying in the new super hornet and another person started flying with me and I went into replay and got some what I think are loading screen worthy pictures.


Usually the staff takes the pictures. In very rare occasions, the pictures are taken from the forum or during competitions. However you cannot submit pictures directly.

Nice pictures though!


Ah okay thanks for the info. And thanks!

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if I am not wrong don’t staff take photos from discord and social media too?

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Yes but those are usually during competitions, as stated above.


Yeah I really wish they make this the loading screen

Hey There, the team does not accept edited shots typically per the requirements for most of the competitions. :) Furthermore, as @Robertine stated above, most of the opportunities to contribute will be found in rare competitions established by the team.

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Well the Staff doesn’t just grab a random Photo and just put It as the loading screen it’s no that simple if it was that easy to put up your photo

That doesn’t stand a chance as loading screens must not be edited.

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