Am I Allowed To Make an Event?

Hi I was wondering If I’m allowed to make events ??
Thank you

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Yes you are, as you are TL2 (‘member’). Just make sure they meet the criteria.


So I’m allowed to make one let’s say in (Casual Server) I can correct

I have the same question

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Read the criteria.


  • plan your event far enough in the future.
  • read other events and pic the best ideas

Yip as long as you follow what @azeeuwnl gave you. Then we should be sweet potatoes

I read it but I didn’t see were it says about how many days you can post it till the event starts could you please tell me thank you

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It can be as many days away as you want. There is no limit

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Ok thank you very much

So I can make an event 54 years from now?!

It has to be somewhere about 3 weeks to 3 months ahead. You can’t make an event now and do it tomorrow.


There goes my idea…

Makes sense though.

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A lot of these sorts of questions can be found on the guide we have created for you folks. Below is the link that explains what’s available to you at your current Trust Level status. A Beginners Guide to the Forum