always beautiful outside...

Is it possible to change the weather parameters in online? I’ve checked settings, checked topics. Saw a few posts that IF posts real time weather, and that’s about it. Since I bought my subscription about a month ago, nothing but perfect weather, lol, which is def good for me, but I want some thunderstorms, fog, rain, I want some bad weather.


Nope on live you can only fly the weather that is happening in real life.

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Damn. Thx bro🌦⛈🌪☔️

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This might be the first time a pilot has ever complained about having good weather haha. Just wait it out… The winter will be here in no time and it brings the weather with it


Funny, I’ve flown through what was supposed to be heavy rain but was not. The only thing that happened is the surrounding air got a little bit more foggy and the wind a bit more shaky.

Rain, clouds, lightning, thunderstorms, etc. aren’t in the game, yet. Winds, visability and that stuff is real life data.


This is what I was getting at.

Guess it’s just one big desert in IFland.

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I’m the opposite, the Sydney region has a bug where it can’t correctly convert the real world METAR term ‘CAVOK’ which stands for Ceiling and Visibility Ok. For some reason IF makes this 6SM visibility. So basically every day that’s it’s clear in Sydney, which is like 85% of the time, IF shows the complete opposite. Annoying he hell outta me. I’d love to fly in some clear weather there for a change, it’s never beautiful outside!

It might be because the term isn’t up to ICAO standards? We don’t use that in my area or any of the areas around me. Not sure… Definitely something to add though if it is something your local airports use. Post it in the features as a recommendation for the developers. Good catch.

Lol…yeah, I got use to changing the weather in xplane. It does create some interesting possibilities. O yeah, can u create failures in infinite? Like engine failure…etc. u could in xplane, def keeps you on your toes.

Nope, you can only have the displayed weather

Which differs basically between clear calm and foggy windy. No rain, no snow, no tstorms. no hail, and no clouds.

Exactly it is supposed te be as real as possible 😉

I want real weather. Lol.

Well, I think that because clouds and rain in real life reduces visibility, on Infinite Flight it is representated as fog to make it look real as well as winds, they want it to look as real as possible

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