how upfront the height of the airport landing ?..

Please elaborate, I can’t understand anything :smile:


What do you mean

If you mean what altitude I cross the runway at on landing then that would be 100ft.

50 feet you should cross the runway threshold for landing.

Rule of thumb for landing:

  • cross the threshold at 50 feet AGL, at that point put throttle to iddle
  • start flaring at 30 feet AGL, with roughly 5-6° nose up pitch (bearing in mind that on a 747, 11° nose up at landing = tail strike…)

Now in actual fact the 50 feet “rule” really depends on the aircraft type (gear height, ILS receiver position, radar receiver position etc.) which can slightly alter the actual TCH by 10-20 feet.

Actually the flare height is different for each airplane and the 50ft is a fixed value which brings you into the touch down zone.

@Aernout yep, that’s essentially what I’m saying above. Even the 50ft value is not exact: in a 747-400 on glideslope you wouldn’t cross the threshold at exactely 50ft…

The 50 feet is based on the landing gear crossing the threshold :)

@Aernout ah yes ok I understand now that you were referring to the RA reading, my bad :)

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Ok thanks, I just prefer crossing the runway a little high over a little low! Thanks for the clarification!