Hello I would like to do a realistic flight from Munich-Dubai in a A380 but they cruise at FL410 I was wondering if it can last that altitude

I would just like your opinion because I know u did a A380 Flight last night From Dubai-Jeddah and I cruised at FL400 So it should be fine

Let me know what you think!

You will be able to make that altitude if you step climb.


This may be helpful:

Like you mean cruise at one then climb slowly again

Look at the topic @Jet_Airways_995 posted of how to step climb

Yes I have got that in mind it’s just that I don’t know when is a good time to climb higher

Use to make your flight plan. It will tell you the route, how much fuel as well as when to do the Step Climbs and to what heights.

Trust me that does not help, that’s how I got 5 violations a while back

The flight plan I do always follow, but I do not follow the instructions

You got 5 violations because of a flight plan?

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If you follow the flight plan and it’s instructions you will have a trouble free flight. I also use IFAssistant so that I can program in the step climbs. Since I started using both I have never had a problem with long hauls.

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Nope because of all following the instructions such as “descend at this time and put your speed to this”

I’m sure the majority of the community is getting their flight plans from FLPtoIF or simbrief. If you monitor your flight well you shouldn’t have any problems.

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Very very explaining title. What a descriptive title. You can get an award because of your titles. You are my favourite title opener.


Ah yes I knew that’s what you meant, that bit gave me a double look too while transferring my TOC’s TOD’s on a piece of paper. So basically just follow what it says regarding when to climb or descent but use your best judgement: don’t go 250 KIAS below FL100 like it sometimes says and you’re good to go :) hope that helps, cheers!

My brother-in-law who an A380 pilot told me that he can start at FL370 (heavy) and finish at FL410 (lighter). There are tables to lower fuel usage. In real world they take care about winds.
SimBrief + FPLtoIF would help.

They have a standard descent profile. The 250 part of it is for under 10k, as you would expect.

The speeds on individual waypoints are TAS and GS, not IAS.

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