Altitude Stepping in Global

I was wondering if our weight will affect our best possible altitude. For long haul flights, aircraft usually step altitude starting low and ending higher due to more deficient flying. Will this be the cause in global? Currently, I’ve noticed the devs and moderators testing global have maintained the same altitude through out their long flights (most of them at least). The fuel burn and decrease in weight should allow them to fly higher.
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Correct me If i am wrong but I don’t think your payload will affect how you fly. Aircraft wings are designed to fly at any altitude (below service celling) with any weight on it. It would be problematic if an airplanes wings can carry limited weight and maintain a lower altitude

Also the devs maintain the same altitude in global testing is because in IF there arn’t factors like turbulence that would require pilots to change altitude. Turbulence in IF remains the same at all altitudes which would make no difference if you needed to climb or descend.


Yes in the heavies it becomes important to step your altitude as you burn fuel. Climbing high right off the bat isn’t economical on the gas gauge. Of course winds aloft play a large role as well.


Most of the testers are sleeping on long haul flight or away from their devices for a good portion of the flight. Altitude stepping would be the most efficient way to fly as @Brandon_Sandstrom said

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That makes more sense. I was wondering how they could last that long fling in IF

You can step climb now, all the physics are in place. Set your weight to MTOW and your climb profile will have to be slower and you won’t reach the max ceiling height without struggling, so best to level off lower on, reduce the weight then you can climb up a higher height.

It has been mentioned by the DEVs that we will be getting dynamic weather with global so that turbulence at jet streams will be an issue in the future.


What I was trying to say is that flying is more efficient for heavy aircraft at lower altitude due to the air density and so plane so increase altitude as they lose more weight. Therefore it’s not just turbulence haha :))

So you’re saying that we will have jet stream and different turbulence?

I will correct you here, from what i know it is possible to fly at service ceiling at max weight but as it would use alot of throttle due to thin air it is less efficient, which is why a340s from dubai-narita go to FL290 at first and then to around FL400

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Okay, then I correct you if you’re wrong.

You think that … But once again like in another topic you have no proof.

One word : wrong. It does heavily affect how you fly.

True until here, otherwise they would fall out of the sky hitting FL270 but could keep flying at FL280 right ?

This is super wrong. If you ever checked one long range flight on any flight tracker, you would see that not a single long range aircraft can climb instantly to FL390 or FL410. You have to burn fuel in order to get lighter, the stress on the wing becomes less, then you can climb into thinner air, since the wings dont have to carry that fuel weight anymore.

Theres no problem with this except lower fuel efficiency due to air drag / higher friction at lower altitude.

Nope, wrong. They dont do step climbs mostly, that is true, however noone skyrockets instantly to FL410. Go figure.

In SoCal TS1 probably not, for some reason. In any other expert server you surely can find turbulence and live weather yet already. With the implementation of realistic winds in global you will have a problem, I promise. Also, there isnt much turbulence on FL370 and above, its more the jetstreams that give you trouble if you have them against you.

Not sure about this. I’ve made different experiences.

Once again, dont claim things you dont know. To contribute and give good arguments, please read through @ philippe’s “When is the update” post. And read it completely. Thanks.


Payload to altitude is definitely a priority when it comes to flying 😃

Although Infinite Flight doesn’t offer or have a FMC systen imbedded it’s hard to calculate these figures. Just use your senses and you’ll notice if your aircrafts struggling.

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With the realistic flight and performance characteristics IF has, it’s not even something that has to be implemented… It just comes naturally… :) So yes!

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That’s not a thing to be added, it’s a thing YOU do. When I do long hauls during the day I always try to climb from time to time.

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Good points. Though one hung I have to say is that you could climb to any altitude with any payload below MTW. You should just have to climb at a slower VS. also everything I’m referring to is IF right now. Not IF after the global update

I don’t think global will change the physics that much, you just don’t have the chance to get lighter and climb after 5 hours with our regions and without fuel burn

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