Hello. Is it quicker to reach your destination by flying at a high altitude (35000ft-40000ft) or a lower one (25,000ft)

You reach the destination at the same time, regardless of altitude.

EDIT: Actually, now that we have winds aloft, the winds at higher altitudes can either be a tailwind, headwind or crosswind. If it’s a tailwind you’re getting there faster, and headwind you’re getting there slower. The winds at lower altitudes are lower than the ones up at 30,000 ft +.


Okay, thank youuu!!!

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Winds were in my favor when I flew to Chicago today (Global flight not real life).

Took me just a few minutes of 3 hours, which is much better than the average 3:45 minute flight.

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Up above 30000 is what works for me

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The correct question is what is more economical for fuel, high or low? Your high VS will suck up a good amount of fuel.

Going from Dallas to San Antonio is not that high and often times they will do 24-26k. This is not like before where you had pilots going to FL330 for a 100 mile trip.

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No problem. :) Enjoy your flights!

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