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I was flying into Denver Intl today and I had the Vnav activated to descend to 4000 for approach.

I got a knock on the door and went to answer it’s but I was back in 2-minutes and found that my aircraft has crashed but the altimetry was showing in altitude of over 5000 feet?

I understand this to be MSL rather than indicted so is there a setting to change the HUD altitude or set the QNH?

I know you can set it on the bottom bar but it has no effect on the HUD display.

The HUD is MSL and can’t be changed I’m afraid. Best is to use both MSL on the HUD and set AGL in the status bar.


It sounds like you crashed into terrain. The airport elevation of KDEN is at over 5,000 feet, so 4,000 is just too low.

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And for future reference, 99% of altitudes in aviation (ATC instructions, any approach/departure plates, cruise altitudes, etc.) are in MSL. So you should anticipate MSL for your instructions.


And any altitude input into a flight plan is always MSL, that’s right I believe? So VNAV can only fly the plane to those MSL figures.

We’re missing that aspect of realism where pilots change the altimeter from showing a mean sea level indication (known as QNH) to showing a ''height" above ground level, which is a fixed adjustment based on the airport elevation and known as QFE.

As far as I remember, this adjustment would be made once within the airport tower airspace boundary.

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I flew over the Rockies and was heading east for approach to 32L if I remember correctly.

I would been about to turn left base onto finals when the aircraft decided to land itself 😂 I blame ths guy who knocked at my door 😁

Thanks for the replies, I’m really only delving into the sim the past few weeks hence the random questions.

There is a shed load of developments going on so I appreciate all features will be delayed or not possible. Loving the 3D Airports and looking for to seeing EIDW in 3D


There is a feature request for this here, just letting you know :)


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