Altitude Selection on smaller devices

I’m not sure if this is an issue on tablets or not, but on the iPhone 5s the only way you can vector aircraft in on approach is to use the “Vector Instructions” option. If you try to assign an altitude using the press-and-hold feature or respond to a request by clicking on an airplane, it does what my screenshot is showing below. I’d love to be able to respond to pilots requests with a heading and altitude sometimes and I would LOVVVVE to utilize the press and hold feature.

Currently, I can’t select anything below 11,000 ft., even for aircraft that are already at or below 11,000.


The list depends on the altitude of that plane. If they’re at 3,000 it starts at 3,000 and goes up, which is sort of the opposite of what you need because you are APPROACHING the plane, not sending it to the sky.


Exacly. As an approach controller it’s useless. That’s why I’ve filed it as a bug. Hopefully it gets some attention.

Even if they changed it to the same as the other vector feature it would be way better. i.e.,

Less than 10,000
Greater than 10,000

(Had to use words. Using symbols made the forum think I wanted to quote someone)

i’m glad someone finally brought it up…cause i was thinking maybe it could be my thinking…so thanks for that