Altitude restrictions upon departure.?

Hey everyone had a quick question relating to the departure (SID)
When you choose a departure it may have a waypoint with a alternative altitude attached to it i was wondering if you had to follow these altitude restrictions or can you simply just ignore them and fly straight up to your deserted altitude!

Hopefully i can get a response to my questions thank you :)

-Moon (@IFBLOGS)


IRL you would be restricted until you got clearance. In Infinite Flight it is a similar process. If there is no ATC or it is very quiet - you are generally ok to go straight up to cruise.

However if the airspace around the airport is very busy - I tend to request my cruise alt and then if I get “Altitude at your discretion” (99% of the time) you are cleared up to cruise.


To add on to that, controllers wouldn’t usually take into account these altitude restrictions, just check in and you are free to climb to cruise.


I don’t know if this is the proper thing to do but I always just ignore the altitudes and have never had a problem.

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No issues with that, but if ATC assigns you a altitude for any reason, such as traffic conflicting, you must follow it until he says altitude at your discretion.

From my expreince 99% of the time these restrictions on SIDS are ‘at or above’ ones meaning they are the minimum altitude to pass the waypoint, with the maximum being unlimited (or limited by ATC climb clearance where applicable).

Only way to tell what kind of altitude limit it is is using IRL charts though.

For some more information on what the altitude restrictions mean, please see the post below:

Please don’t do this. A “check in” is all that is needed. The controller responding “radar contact” gives you permission to fly your flight plan and altitude of your choice. The radar controller will issue you an altitude restriction if a potential conflict exists.

Asking for an altitude is unnecessary on departure and just adds unnecessarily to the controllers workload.


On top of what @Chitown said, “Altitude At Your Discretion” clears you to whatever you want until told to do otherwise. So, it is 100% of the time

thanks for all your help guys :)

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