Altitude restrictions on STARS

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I have a questions, when I select my flight plan on the arrival and sometimes on departure it says an altitude like ( @9000FT ) what does that mean? Do you need to be at that altitude or do you need to be above it or higher or below it and lower?

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A lot of the time on charts there will be an altitude range at a specific waypoint (say you need to be between 9000 and 15000ft at waypoint X). Unfortunately, Infinite Flight selects just one of these altitudes and it isn’t consistent. You will need to find the chart itself to know exactly what the altitude restrictions are.


And therefore you don’t have to follow the altitudes specified in the procedures. I regularly delete the altitudes myself and plan the descent differently.


i think those altitudes are mainly a guide for pilots arriving into the airport. In the real world pilots have to follow these procedures very closely and they have approach charts and specific altitudes to be at when passing thru a waypoint.

in IF however, unless youre directed by ATC or are coming into a high altitude airport, u can just fly at an altitude that is comfortable for u when passing through the waypoint. its just an added element of realism in IF imo.


Oooh ok thank you I didn’t know i could change the altitudes myself

Okay thank you but if I just wanna use the infinite flight altitude restriction do I need to be @ that altitude or below it ?

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It could be either at that altitude, above or below it based on various factors such as conflicting traffic, terrain, etc…

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